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Transition lenses block 100% UVA and UVB light, both contributing factors of eye diseases
Light is essential for our sight and our overall well-being. Part of the light spectrum that enters our eyes can be a contributing factor of eye disea ...

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Did you know you can combine light intelligent technology and prescription sunglasses with Varifocal
Now you do!
Varifocal lenses correct presbyopia allowing you to see near, far, and intermediate distance with ease. Many wearers don’t realise th ...

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Myopia can impact a child’s development
Playing, working, reading, discovering the world .... Did you know that more than 80% of children's learning occurs through vision? Myopia can ser ...

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Walnuts Help Prevent Cataracts, Macular Degeneration
Good vision is valuable – it’s certainly worth protecting as we age. Did you know that you have the power to prevent cataracts and age-rel ...

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Luxury Eyewear – unique, individual & fabulous!
Bust the winter blues with some much-needed retail therapy, courtesy of our carefully curated eyewear collection for 2022. Winter always seems to be t ...

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01 Mar 2022
4 Foods to help boost your hearing
We all know that leafy greens and whole grains are good for the heart, and fish can help power our brains, but did you know that eating certain foods ...

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Essilor Award Winners
We are delighted that CG Optical was awarded Best Practice of the Quarter by Essilor the world's leading lens manufacturer. The award reflects our com ...

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Brand of the month - Hublot
We are proud to be one of just thirty-five practices in the UK selected to stock Hublot glasses and sunglasses.

"Be the first, be unique, be different ...

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ANY DI MUNICH - Glasses Cover
Looking for that perfect gift? ANY DI MUNICH glasses cases fit every shape and size of glasses. The beautiful cases are crafted from the finest leathe ...

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"How refreshing!!!"

Expert knowledge and willingness to make sure everything is perfect with post sale support. How refreshing!!!
"Fantastic, professional service with a wide range of frames available"

I would recommend Claire to anyone who is looking for a new pair of glasses or sunglasses.
"The equipment is second to none"

My experience here was outstanding. From the warm welcome and very private surroundings to the very professional Ophthalmologist. Laura made me feel at ease and I felt she understood my worries and explained everything about my condition and each procedure in detail but simple enough that I could understand. The equipment is second to none. I found that the comprehensive choice covered everything and I left feeling a lot more re-assured than I had been. I will certainly return.

CG Optical
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