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Dry Eye Conditions

If your eyes ever feel sore, dry, itchy or watery then you could suffer from a number of dry eye conditions. Sometimes people have been living in discomfort for years, not knowing there is a simple solution on their doorstep. Our dry eye clinician, Becky uses the latest equipment to treat this common condition quickly and painlessly onsite. 

Through our three-step process, Becky can diagnose your condition, develop a bespoke solution and provide treatment all from the comfort of our practice in Stratford-upon-Avon.  IDRA Dry Eye Analysis takes 60 minutes and costs £90. Becky will then be able to discuss your individual treatment plan and the cost.

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"I have had the dry eye treatment with Becky this last year.  As well as being an extremely nice and caring but very professional person, Becky ensured I received five star treatment with the programme for what were my very dry eyes though they are no longer like this.  My eyes haven't felt this good in many years as all the soreness has gone making my vision 100% better.  The treatment was actually most enjoyable.  I would highly recommend it and Becky doing it."


A recent PubMed medical report demonstrates the effectiveness of Tearstim

Immediate Improvement


Long Lasting


Scientifically Proven


Healthy eyes in three easy steps

Could you benefit? 
If you're experiencing: gritty feeling in the eyes, red eyes or eyelids, sticky eyelids in the morning, flakes around eyelash roots, sore eyelids, watery eyes, itchy eyes or a burning sensation - we can help!
Step 1 - Diagnosis
We'll do a thorough examination, so we know the precise cause of your dry eye irritation. Becky, our dry eye clinician, will then discuss the various treatment options with you in-depth. Becky will clearly explain everything and answer any question you may have.

Step 2 - Treatment
You may be offered a microexfoliation of the eyelids or a procedure to stimulate the meibomian glands. Both are painless and usually take around 15 minutes.  We'll offer you treatment as soon as possible - ideally on the day of your diagnosis - so you can enjoy the world through comfortable eyes once more.

Step 3 - Aftercare 

You'll start to feel the benefits within a couple of hours. Depending on the treatment you receive and the nature of your condition, you may need to return for a repeat applications. We'll keep in touch to see how you're getting on and can always book you in for additional sessions if you need them.

Types of dry eye conditions

We can treat dry eyes painlessly with state of the art technology

The Idra device provides an individual analysis of the patient’s tear film, delivering a quick but detailed structure of the tear composition. This helps identify the type of dry eye disease that is present, and which treatment is required.
Punctal plugs are used to plug up the lacrimal ducts of the eyes to reduce tear drainage. This increases the tear volume on the ocular surface and provides instant long-term relief of dry eyes. As there is greater retention of your own natural tears, there is less reliance on artificial tears.The insertion is a non-surgical and pain-free procedure
BlephEx™ is a microexfoliation treatment that gently removes bacteria from your eyelash roots. You’ll feel a little tingling sensation as it's applied, but within 15 minutes your eyes will be feeling bright and healthy again.
Activa is a clinically proven, natural method to stimulate Meibomian glands by applying heat at a very specific temperature to massage the melted oil out of the glands. This procedure unclogs your glands and stimulates the natural production of oils to keep your eyes lubricated. 
"BLOWN AWAY - next level service!"
"Having been a client at CG optical I felt the need to review, while I always have fabulous eye care and glasses, I recently had an appointment with Becky for dry eye treatment (for watery eyes) and Blephex tearstim (for hay fever suffers). The blephex made my eyes feel brand new and Becky was simply amazing"

Tearstim is a technique that uses intense light rays to stimulate the tiny oil glands which line your eyelids. These are known as meibomian glands and, with the help of the light, they will start producing the natural fluid needed to keep your eyes functioning well. 

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