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Essilor invented the first varifocal lens in 1959 and have gone on to pioneer innovations in lens technology ever since. We've chosen to work with the world's #1 manufacturer, to ensure you get the latest technology, personalisation and protection for your eyes. When it comes to crafting beautiful, bespoke lenses - we only settle for the best. The truth is, there are far more options than you think, each with small adaptations that could make a life-changing difference. We'll take time to walk you through the benefits of each of our lenses, so you can choose what's right for you and your lifestyle.

Lens tech
Crystal clear vision, made just for you
We are the only opticians in Stratford-upon-Avon to offer lenses that take advantage of the Essilor VARILUX XR Series with Crizal Sapphire UV and 4D technology.  
  • The ultimate lenses which dramatically reduce the need for head movement
  • Deliver outstanding sharp, continuous, and fluid vision across all vision zones
  • Enable you to see near, far and everything in between with ease. Providing exceptional balance between near and distance needs
  • The technology measures your whole eye anatomy, rotation, and eye movements for reading to create lenses just for your eyes
  • Enhances overall visual response times by ensuring the sharpest vision in the leading dominant eye
 Our customers tell us it's the nearest thing to natural vision currently available
Lenses for your lifestyle
Lenses need to be tailored to your eyes and lifestyle and we have the perfect lens for your lifestyle without compromising on style. 

Do you need to have high resolution vision whether you’re looking at something close, far away or anything in between, that are tough resilient glasses to withstand outdoor sports? Talk to us about VARILUX PHYSIO 3.0 lenses.

Are you staring at screens most of the day, being subject to blue light? Enhance your comfort when using digital devices with
VARILUX DIGITIME giving you super sharp vision. 

Does your average day involve a lot of driving? VARILUX ROAD PILOT varifocals lenses are specifically designed for driving. They allow you to experience larger fields of vision, so you can anticipate what is happening on the road ahead.

Transitions Signature GEN 8 is the first light intelligent photochromic lens with a revolutionary nano-composite technology that pushes photochromic performance and offers optimum vision, comfort, and protection all day long. Available in 7 different colours; Amber, Amethyst, Brown, Graphite Green, Grey, Emerald, and Sapphire you can personalise your frame and express your style.
Single lenses for a modern lifestyle
Eyezen is our single vision corrective lens design, delivering sharper vision than ordinary single vision lenses and helps to prevent and reduce eyestrain.
  • SHARP VISION - High resolution vision across the whole lens
  • OPTIMISED FOR DIGITAL DEVICES - Supports visual efforts when using digital devices
  • IMPROVES POSTURE - Look through any part of the lens to see clearly

Contact Lenses

As an independent optician, we can help you take advantage of the latest innovations with the widest possible range of contact lens types and brands. There have been so many developments in the last few years, so contact lenses are now an option for the vast majority of our customers.

Options for everyone
Even if you've found lenses uncomfortable in the past or have been told you're not a suitable candidate, then you might want to reconsider. With the latest technology, conditions such as dry eye syndrome, which many contact lens wearers used to complain about, are rarely a problem.

We'll support your choice
Single-use lenses, non-disposable options, gas permeable or toric contact lenses - the options are endless, and often overwhelming. But you don't need to worry. Following an eye examination, your optometrist or dispensing optician will take time to walk you through your options and build a plan that is tailored to your individual needs and personal choice.

Creating the right lens for you

Your eyes are unique - so your lenses should be too.

Correct support for you
One eye consists of more than two million working parts, so there is a lot that needs to be taken into consideration when choosing lenses. During a thorough eye examination, we'll put together a complete, bespoke prescription outlining exactly what you need. But that's just one part of the process - your lenses also need to suit your lifestyle. So together with our optometrist, you can explore your options. 

Complete protection
Your eye is the most responsive muscle in your body, but exposure to harmful UV and blue-violet light can be dangerous. We can help you go beyond simply correcting your vision to help you protect the health of your eyes in the longterm. There are more options than ever and we can explore what's right for you. 

Enhanced clarity
Your eyes process 24 million images in a lifetime and we want each one to be crystal clear. Our lenses use the latest Essilor technology to ensure you get picture-perfect clarity with resistance to smudges and scratches built-in. They'll also shield you from reflections - so you won't get distracting glares.

Lenses Videos

"The whole team were fantastic, very thorough, professional and friendly."

The whole team were fantastic, very thorough, professional and friendly. I had put off getting new glasses for far too long as I always feel overwhelmed by the choice. Claire was so helpful and patient, she spent a long time helping me choose different styles to try and giving me advice on what suited me best. At no point did I feel rushed or under pressure to purchase and I’m so happy with my new glasses. I would absolutely recommend CG Optical.
"Amazing service as always!"

Everyone was so helpful today when I went in with my broken glasses. My frames had to be sent away for repair. Fortunately they had the same frame in a different colour, put my lenses in those and I can borrow them till mine come back. Amazing service as always!
"....the dry eye treatment has been great".

Recently went to CG for eye test and to choose some new glasses. Warm and friendly welcome from Claire, Jo and Becky. Good choice of frames and the dry eye treatment has been great.

CG Optical
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