Bespoke Lenses

Selecting the best lens option for you is the key to great vision. With this in mind we work with Essilor, the worlds leading lens manufacturer to provide you with the best solution to meet your needs. For bespoke lens advice combined with expert style consultations visit us at your local independent optician in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.

Bespoke Lens Options

Correct your vision


We help correct your vision by prescribing the most appropriate lens design for you. This may be a single vision corrective lens design to prevent or reduce eyestrain when you’re working or socialising on digital devices. Or it may be a varifocal corrective lens design to enable you to see close-up, far and everything in between, with visual comfort.

Protect your vision


We help protect your vision by identifying the best solution to protect your eyes from harmful light and glare. Polarised lenses offer the best  UV protection and glare reduction.They are available in a variety of colours and full or graduated tint options. For convenience transition lenses adapt to light for effortless vision. These help reduce glare, eye fatigue and strain by reacting to UV and visible light. Transitions Xtra will darken down even further and be more suitable for driving in the sun.

Enhance clarity


We help enhance clarity through better ongoing vision quality. We can further improve your lenses by providing a lens enhancement to go beyond your correction and shield your eyes from reflections, smudges and scratches for picture-perfect clarity. The enhancement improves sharp vision, lens aesthetics and protects your lenses from the enemies of clear vision.
Our contact lens options include daily, fortnightly and monthly replacement. Lens choices include: 

Convenient with very little handling. No cleaning is necessary so ideal forchildren, teens, sports and socialising.  

Fortnightly lenses are more economical and in certain situations can be worn overnight.

Monthly lenses are the most economical and perform well for a more restricted budget.

Varifocals are designed to cover all your vision requirements in one lens, from close up, to in-between to far away. 

Monovision is another option which allows you to see distance with one eye and close with the other.


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