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Children's Eyewear

When it comes to taking care of your eyes, you’re never too young to start. We know that when children have a positive experience of visiting an optician, they’ll continue to protect their vision.

Children are very clear about what they want and don't want from their frames! So, we stock an extensive selection of frames that are designed to fit a child's face perfectly. Whether they're looking for a pair with their favourite cartoon character on, or want a little bit of fairy sparkle - they'll have plenty of choice. 

It goes without saying that children's glasses are put through their paces, so our frames are all robust enough to withstand the rough and tumble of life. While we select strong frames, we also choose materials that we know are kind on a child's face so they will be safe and protected too. 

Growing eyes need the same care and attention as adults, so we offer thorough eye examinations for children. Our experienced team engage children throughout their appointment so they feel at ease, understand what is happening and feel confident to ask questions. If you have questions or concerns between appointments, then you can always give us a call or pop in for a quick chat. 

Lens options
Children's eyes are under more strain than ever, so we offer a range of lenses and coatings to suit their individual needs. If children are using computers a lot, we can suggest the best option to protect them from the blue lights emitted from the screens. We can also suggest prescription sunglasses and other options to support growing eyes.

ANDREW MARSHALL - Dry eye treatment
"The results are first class in my experience"

I was somewhat sceptical about the claims made for your treatment of my “Dry Eye” however upon completion of the series of treatments I was very happy with the results. Over the next week or so, the benefit became even more apparent. The treatment itself is unusual and the unfamiliarity of the process was initially an issue. The reality is that the heat treatment is a little uncomfortable, but does not hurt in the conventional sense and I soon became relaxed and confident with what was happening to me. It’s expensive for sure, but the results are first class in my experience. Without a doubt I can recommend this treatment.
"Until you've experienced what you do, you don't realise how others don't compare"

Once again thank you for my glasses and your great service. You must remember my first visit to you following a recommendation. You and your great team, Nick the optician (great guy, knows his stuff) Becky, Tasha and Jane have looked after me, nothing too much trouble and all so very easy. A person who dreaded the optician more than the dentist! Not anymore. I don’t want to ramble on but simply until you’ve experienced what you do you don’t realise how others don’t compare. Best advice to anyone, your eye sight is to important to get it wrong, you need to choose wisely who is your optician and I firmly by experience have definitely found the right one in yourselves. So happy with my glasses, can see long distance and my computer screen without taking my glasses off. Oh and this going dark in the sunlight thing, absolutely amazing, no carrying 2 pairs of glasses, feeling liberated. Sorry this is such a long message but I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am. I’m happy to give feedback to anyone.
07 May 2021

"I can't rate this amazing independent optical practice more highly. Indeed every aspect is first class"

From the warm welcome upon arrival and stunning interior design, to the highly skilled delivery of clinical services and superb choice of exclusive, boutique & niche collections of frames rarely seen outside of the capital, indeed every aspect is first class.

Owner/Manager Claire and her team provide a highly personal & bespoke service, identify their patients needs, challenge their style boundaries and expertly guide them through the customer journey to achieve stunning end results.

C G Optical’s clientele consistently leave their premises walking a few inches higher with their new found style, in beautiful eyewear and wearing beaming smiles, confident in the assurance of an equally dedicated aftercare service. The combination of futuristic cutting edge technology and the fine service style of yesteryear is the secret to success of what is arguably one of the best optical stores in the country.

CG Optical
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