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Bespoke Lenses

When it comes to crafting beautiful, bespoke lenses - we only settle for the best. So we've chosen to work with the world's #1 manufacturer, Essilor to make sure you get the personalisation and protection you need. 

Essilor X Series 4D technology
We are the only opticians in Stratford-upon-Avon to offer lenses that take advantage of the Essilor X Series 4D technology. They enable you to see near, far and everything in between with ease. Our customers tell us it's the nearest thing to natural vision currently available. 

Tailored lenses
Getting the right lens is about far more than just following a prescription, they need to be tailored to your lifestyle too. So, whether you need everyday varifocals, tinted lenses to ease the strain of staring at a computer screen, or tough resilient glasses to withstand outdoor adventures, we can help. 

Thorough advice
Essilor invented the first varifocal lens in 1959 and have gone on to pioneer innovations in lens technology ever since. As a chosen Essilor distributor, it's our job to stay on top of the latest developments so we can advise you. The truth is, there are far more options than you think, each with small adaptations that could make a life-changing difference. We'll take time to walk you through the benefits of each, so you can choose what's right for you. 

You choose
After our initial eye examination, we'll spend time understanding your needs, your lifestyle and your budget, so you get the perfect glasses. If you just want to stick to a basic lens option - that's totally fine too. We have lenses and frames to suit all styles, preferences and budgets and we won't be satisfied until you are!

Life Enhancing Vision from Essilor



Personalised to the individual characteristics of your eyes. 



Gentle protection to keep eyes safe from harmful sunlight.



Enhanced quality to give you better clarity and enduring vision.

Creating the right lens for you

Your eyes are unique - so your lenses should be too.

Correct support for you
One eye consists of more than two million working parts, so there is a lot that needs to be taken into consideration when choosing lenses. During a thorough eye examination, we'll put together a complete, bespoke prescription outlining exactly what you need. But that's just one part of the process - your lenses also need to suit your lifestyle. So together with our optometrist, you can explore your options. 

Complete protection
Your eye is the most responsive muscle in your body, but exposure to harmful UV and blue-violet light can be dangerous. We can help you go beyond simply correcting your vision to help you protect the health of your eyes in the longterm. There are more options than ever and we can explore what's right for you. 

Enhanced clarity
Your eyes process 24 million images in a lifetime and we want each one to be crystal clear. Our lenses use the latest Essilor technology to ensure you get picture-perfect clarity with resistance to smudges and scratches built-in. They'll also shield you from reflections - so you won't get distracting glares. 

Catherine Loudon
"I have today collected my new glasses from CG Optical and I have to praise them for their continued professionalism under these most difficult circumstances. I was slightly concerned about having to have a test and to choose new frames which meant close contact with the Optician and Claire, but the measures they have put in place proved I had nothing to worry about. They offer PPE, hand sanitiser, they have shielding screens and UV sanitiser for all the frames. Felt a bit guilty at trying around 20 frames from their amazing collection, which then had to be sanitised! Claire and Tash are doing a fabulous job, if you need to make an appointment, don't hesitate!"
Dave Fawbert
"Claire is AMAZING! My son has had glasses since he was 2 and we visited nearly every optician in Warwickshire. We're so glad we discovered Claire - she's just fabulous with him and has always helped us find the perfect glasses for his growing face. Congratulations on the new business, Claire!"
Karen Gill
"I love my trips to CG Optical. Claire and her team are always so welcoming and helpful and give excellent professional advice. They have the best selection of frames I've ever seen and, with Claire's help, I can always find the right one for me.

"A big thank you to Nick the Optician who mentioned lens replacements for my deteriorating eyesight. Well... I then did it and I now have 20/20 vision!

"I thought I was destined for continuous high prescription glasses my whole life. Not now. Thank you again Nick. No other optician or eye specialist ever suggested this as an option for me - my newfound vision has changed my life."

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